Imagine That: The Original Americans Lived in Texas

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The oldest site of habitation for the original Americans on either continent has been confirmed, and it’s right in the heart of Texas.

We have an awful lot to thank the Edwards Plateau for: the Edwards Aquifer, beautiful summer swimming holes, and the first site of civilization on the American continents.

A study published in Science, according to the San Antonio Express-News, revealed that scientists have confirmed that the “unprecedented haul of artifacts from as far back as 15,500 years ago” makes it the original site of habitation in our hemisphere.

The archaeological site sits 50 miles north of Austin where the Edwards Plateau meets the coastal plains and debunks the idea that the original Americans were the “Clovis people, who spread widely across the western hemisphere beginning about 13,000 years ago.” The Debra L. Friedkin site at Buttermilk Creek had its age confirmed in the study, making it 2,500 years older than the Clovis people.

Instead, the new site confirms that they were not the first inhabitants and instead points scientists in the direction that the first Americans came from Asia. At the site, researchers found about 15,000 stone artifacts, including limestone tools and items that appear to be meant for boats.