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The Weather Channel’s Summer Prediction for Texas is Welcome News

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The Weather Channel recently released their summer outlook for 2016, and their estimates for Texas are like sweet music to our ears.

While much of the country is expected to see extremely higher than average temperatures through summer, beginning in May, the Lone Star State falls evenly into the ‘Below Average’ category. The Weather Channel‘s report draws into consideration both El Nino and La Nina.

In May, Texas and especially the Hill Country is expected to see ‘Much Below Average’ temperatures. “Relatively cool and wet conditions will likely be confined to areas from the southern Plains down through Texas,” Dr. Todd Crawford reported.

As the rest of the nation will see higher than average temperatures, which is something Texas normally experiences every summer, “the only area where cooler than average temperatures are expected this summer will be across much of Texas to Louisiana.”

Because El Nino and La Nina will make rapid transitions this year, the worst summer heat will typically occur in the heartland of the country, from the northern Plains, like Oklahoma and Kansas, up through the Great Lake states, like Michigan and Wisconsin.

Temperatures in Texas this summer should sit around the regular average, but we’ve known The Weather Channel to be wrong before, haven’t we?