Therapy Dog Becomes Popular After Getting His Own School Photo Taken

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It’s easy to look cute for your school photo when you’re part labrador and part beagle. On October 12, Jaxon tweeted a photo of his dog looking absolutely adorable with a pink polka dot bow tie for his (yes, the dog’s) school picture. “Oh my god. My mom got my dog a school picture because he’s a therapy dog at her school,” he wrote accompanying the photo. The tweet quickly went viral with over 40 thousand retweets from others who find the dapper dog charmingly photogenic. contacted Jaxon about the famous photo, and he told the news that his pup is named Bird and “…he is a therapy dog at a school for school for children with autism and special needs in Ohio,” and he “…gets to go to school every day with his mom, Dana, to help keep the students calm.”

Bird isn’t the only therapy dog to earn its own school photo. Twitter user Saide Jones tweeted back at Jaxon saying “Literally same,” and posted a photo of her own pup looking handsome with a purple plaid tie. Let’s hope the yearbook therapy dog photos keep rolling in as more people see the viral tweets!