These 2 Hilarious Men Prove That Old Friends Are the Best Friends

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If you ever have any doubts about friendship in old age, let these hilarious old friends make you believe in the power of laughter again.

Harvey and Eddie are both in their 80s, and while they argue about who is what, it’s clear that their bond is an unbreakable one. Channel 4 News featured a segment on what love means to elderly people, and the host, Ben Aaron, met these two gentlemen in the process. He knew immediately that he needed to film a session of just sitting and talking with Harvey and Eddie.

Immediately shenanigans ensue, with jokes about going to bed at 7 p.m. being the real party time. One even fields a phone call right in the middle of the interview, which is a great few seconds. The two men sit down with headphones in, too, to see how they feel about new music.

They disagree on the concept of new music, but still their conversation about it is priceless. Their answers to word associations will make you smile no matter what mood you’re in. Their entire interview clip is below and trust us, you’ll want to listen to every single second of it.

May we all have friendships like the one between Harvey and Eddie as time goes on!

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