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These Austin Men Took ‘Road Rage’ To A Whole New Level

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In a video (containing NSFW language) that has quickly gone viral, your regular road rage at an Austin stoplight during everyday rush hour traffic seemed… kindly off.

Gone was the old fashioned gesture of “flipping the bird,” and in place of it? A baseball bat and what may be a broom handle.

As one spectator taped on his cell phone, a guy approaches a large truck with a baseball bat. And while his larger foe steps out of the pickup he could’ve started swinging, but a gentleman is as a gentleman does — he waits for the truck driver to go pick up his own large stick before beginning the battle.

Maybe the new Star Wars has inspired everyone on the lightsaber front, or maybe the faster pace of Austin is just driving folks crazy. Either way, the internet has been enjoying this strange encounter showcasing two grown men who attack one another like angry kids.

Wow. Some people.