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Thieves Caught Stealing $800 Worth of Gifts From Mailboxes in Austin

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Last week,  Austin police arrested three suspects who they believe were breaking into mailboxes. Now they’re releasing what they found in the van that the thieves took.

According to KVUE’s list, the culprits stole $800 worth of gifts including a “curling iron ($108.12), monogrammed Christmas pajamas ($194), needle point switching ($178), pellet gun ($77.99), New Balance shirt ($156.16), two magnetic cup holders and soccer socks ($58.97), and a book ($38).” While some of these items could be re-sold, it’s clear that the thieves were not discerning between the packages they would take (or they probably wouldn’t have wanted monogrammed pajamas).

South Austin police say 20 incidents of stolen mail have been reported in the area since December 15, 2015. It seems that during this time of year many people grow desperate enough to steal and everyone has to be on their toes when it comes to their belongings. In this case, a police officer only arrived to catch the thieves at 58818 Mordred Lane because a caller reported it while it was taking place.

Three people were arrested after evidence was gathered, and police believe that the group took packages/mail from at least 100 people. Methamphetamine was also found in the vehicle used to commit the crimes.