Thinly Shaved Ice Cream Looks Like Delicious, Delicate Crepe Paper

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This recently posted Insider video will activate an ice cream craving in 10 seconds flat. Mr. Bing, a frozen sweets food truck in Miami, Florida, serves up a dessert inspired by a Taiwanese treat. By using a special machine, they shave off the bottom of a frozen solid cylinder of ice cream to create thin layers that look like crepe paper. The result looks beautifully delicate but can be topped with syrups and candies.

Of course, the only issue is the possibility of the treat melting too quickly. Since the Florida sun will relentlessly shine down on even the most beautiful ice cream desserts, patrons might fear only getting a few bites of perfectly folded paper-like cream before it melts down in the summer heat. But it doesn’t seem like customers are having too much trouble.

As Thien H. wrote on Yelp, “The ice cream is unlike other snoh/snows I’ve tried. It’s nothing like shaved ice either. The big block of creamy goodness is shaved into beautiful fluffy, creamy ribbons…Since it’s eaten with a fork, it is very easy to share with another person or not. I feared it would melt quickly in the Miami summer heat, but it did just fine.”