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Thirsty Mule Winery Searches for Stolen Cat

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Thirsty Mule Winery in Liberty Hill not only produces notable wines but also recently added a stray cat to the winery staff. Sadly, the cat disappeared last Saturday and the winery is pursuing the accused thieves.

On June 1, a feisty but friendly feline appeared at the winery and instantly began making friends. After a few meals, the cat wisely decided to make the winery her permanent residence. Since then, Sassy as the tabby calico cross was named, mingled with wine staff and customers alike.

On Saturday, Sassy was outside entertaining two women who are thought to be part of the foursome that reportedly took the cat. The two men from the group entered the winery, bought some wine, and then rejoined the women outside.

At that point, the visitors picked up the cat and left with her. The winery is hoping to track down the individuals through the credit card used to purchase the wine, however, no name appears on the receipt and the signature is illegible.

The winery contacted KXAN which did a short story on the theft and hopes that through the news story and social media the accused thieves will be identified and Sassy will be safely returned.