Little Girl Delivers Sweet Baby Lamb Like a Seasoned Pro

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In this video, 3-year-old Lilly reaches right into the pregnant momma ewe, and pulls out the littlest baby lamb like a seasoned professional.

The video, which went viral on Facebook, was posted by the girl’s mum, Rachel Nicholas, who lives on a farm in Monmouthshire in the United Kingdom. Rachel has been teaching Lilly the ways of the farm world, and as a result, we have this adorable video of Lilly helping a momma sheep birth a baby lamb all by herself.

On Facebook, where the video was originally posted, Rachel wrote that Lilly was “well excited and please with herself – Not bad for 3 years old!” We would be well excited, too, if it was us holding a baby lamb in its first minutes on Earth.

Lilly handles this situation like a professional, and pulls out the baby lamb that isn’t much smaller than herself. Watching the care she takes with it on the ground in its first few minutes was so wonderful.

Congratulations, Lilly! Watch the whole video below.