This 91-Year-Old Woman Utterly Shocks ‘Got Talent’ Judges with Her Beautiful Voice

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When this 91-year-old woman stepped onto the stage, the judges immediately asked her age. When she began to sing, she took their breath away.

Olivia Turner auditioned for New Zealand’s Got Talent in 2012, and television programming has not been the same since. Walking onto the stage to face the judges for the first time, she admits that she lost her home in a recent earthquake in the area. The next question she’s asked is regarding how old she is. Proudly, she answers, “I’m 91.”

What follows is an incredible performance of the hit “I Could’ve Danced All Night” from the musical, My Fair Lady. From the minute she opens her mouth to sing, the audience and the judges are both memorized. Not an easy song to sing by any means, this great-grandmother utterly rocks her performance.

She is an excellent example of always following your dreams and passions. Before she sings, her voice-over tells us that she had always wanted to go to Hollywood, but never made it there. At 91, she got on stage and absolutely rocked it.

Do you have any passions that might have fallen by the wayside? If so, don’t be afraid to pick them up again. Never stop trying – you never know what could happen!