Couple Transforms Tiny Garage into Incredible Home

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Designer Whitney Leigh Morris saw so much potential in only 362 square feet, and immediately started tweaking the tiny garage to perfection.

Whitney, her partner Adam Winkleman, and their pups Sophee and Stanlee don’t mind living in quaint close quarters, which led them to look at a tiny garage to convert into a full home.

Located in Los Angeles, Morris and Winkleman began scoping out property, but found themselves drawn to a detached garage on the grounds of house built in the 1920s.


Morris saw the potential in the tiny garage and started to make their dreams a reality through careful planning and beautiful eye for design. She’s documented their journey on her Instagram account, where she has over 75,000 followers.

By using bright whites and lighter fabrics throughout the space, the eye is tricked into thinking there is so much more space here than there actually is.

Using a tablecloth, the coffee table is converted into an intimate, cozy space for dinner parties.

The bedroom is even big enough to hold the pups and the happy couple in this beautiful space. That built-in storage unit is so necessary when it comes to tiny living.