This Dallas Girl Found Her Passion at a Young Age and Wants to Help Other Kids Do the Same

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Maya Delgado is an exceptional nine-year-old Dallas girl. She has the voice of heaven, and has just started her own arts charity to help other kids.

This incredible philanthropist already has a resume longer than most adults three times her age. A young prodigy, Maya Delgado is homeschooled in the morning and in the afternoon, focuses on her true passion, performing.

As WFAA reported, Delgado lives by the Golden Rule of being kind to others and by following that, she wanted to start her own charity. HeARTS of Maya works to “share Maya’s love of the arts by providing educational scholarships to youth in financial need who demonstrate a desire to pursue music, acting, and/or dance,” as the official website states.

She begged her parents to start a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization in her name in order to help “kids from military families who want to pursue the arts.” Already, her charity has given thousands of dollars in scholarships to youth who are less lucky than Delgado.

The nine-year-old’s world view is inspiring as she is always looking for ways to help out not only her community, but the friends she just hasn’t made yet. Consider donating to her charity, which can be found here.