This Dog’s Snore is the Silliest Sound on the Planet

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The sounds that people make when they sleep are funny, but the sounds that some dogs make when they’re snoozing are just plain ridiculous.

This lab is one snooze machine, and his snore sounds just like the gears of that machine when he’s dozing. Can you imagine hearing this sound in the middle of the night when your dog drifts to sleep at the foot of your bed?

Like most things, I’m sure one could learn to live with it, and to the lab’s owners, it’s the best household joke they have. What a party trick, too, as they just have to wait for their friendly pup to drift into dreamland and let the show begin.

Have you ever heard a dog snore like this before? Ladies, how about your husbands? Snoring is a natural action for both humans and animals alike, and one could probably argue that snorers are better sleepers because they can sleep through their own noises!

If you have a pet that makes a silly noise, be sure to let us know because those videos always bring a smile to peoples’ faces. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the silly sounds of this dog’s snore. Also, be thankful you don’t have to listen to it every afternoon.