Father and Son Find Peace on a Purple School Bus

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Looking to take a road trip, this father and son decided to branch out of their comfort zone by checking into this converted purple bus.

A farm in North Carolina is the perfect setting for this father and son road trip. The purple and blue school bus is tucked away quietly in the woods, standing out against the green trees. By staying in the school bus, they were only a few steps away from nature themselves.

The following video documents their exciting stay in the school bus and also how peaceful each seemed to think it was. While it’s tight quarters, the bus experience only helps bond them closer together when they’re traveling.

The countryside they explored yields some beautiful footage and may even inspire you to head out on your own adventure, seeking out a tiny house to stay in. The benefit of tiny houses (even tiny mobile houses) becoming more popular is that you can test them out for a night or two when they’re used as mini inns.

Getting back to simplicity is hard to do in today’s world, but a tiny house could be a step in the right direction. If it’s not for you, at least take a queue from this father and son duo, and head out on the road with your loved ones to see new things together.