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This is What the Austin Skyline Will Look Like by 2018

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In the past 10 years alone, Austin’s status as a city reached booming proportions. Since 2008, when the 360 Condominiums skyscraper was completed, taller and taller buildings have slowly started rising from the skyline view. So what will the Austin skyline look like in 2018, 10 years after the 360?

Well, Cushman & Wakefield Oxford Commercial released an image that shows not only the three newest building additions that will change the skyline, but also how those buildings will look in the scheme of things altogether.

It’s incredible how much the Austin skyline will have changed since 2008. Holliday Hinckley, a representative with Cushman & Wakefield Oxford Commercial, released a statement regarding the Austin economy, saying, “Continued job and population growth foreshadow a vibrant 2016 for the Austin market.”

This growth could continue to push limits with the Austin skyline long beyond 2018, although only time will be able to tell.

What do you think of this image? How much has it changed from the Austin you remember?