This Texas Boy Has an Unusual, Adorable Best Friend

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There are some things you don’t see every day, and then there some things that you genuinely never see. File this boy and his unusual best friend under that last category.

Tyler and Beaker are inseparable and the best of friends. Their bond is so strong that it has actually never wavered, causing Tyler’s momma to start a Facebook page dedicated to their friendship. Why is it so unusual, then, for a boy to have a best friend? Well, Beaker is a duck.

In Texas, this little family lives with one young son, and his duck protector that never lets him out of his sight. When Tyler was nine months old, his dad brought home a duckling and life has never been the same.

The two bonded immediately, and have since grown up together. They take trips to the park, go for wagon rides, and even share snack time together, although Tyler doesn’t like it when Bee sneaks his snacks!

This friendship is adorable and is one that Tyler probably won’t ever forget. Beaker is a true pal, and just loves his little human as much as Tyler’s parents do.

Have you ever had any unusual pets that you loved with your whole heart?