This Man Has Dedicated His Life to Painting Memorials of Fallen Texan Soldiers

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For those who have lost loved ones while fighting overseas, it can be hard to hold on to happier moments while dealing with tragedy. One Texas man is helping families honor and remember the things they loved about their fallen soldiers by memorializing them in painted portraits.

In an old retail space in Baytown, Texas, Ken Pridgeon has created his own memorial to heroes who’ve lost their lives at war. Every morning, he arrives at his makeshift gallery and works until evening on a painting that celebrates the life and spirit of one fallen soldier.

In each portrait, Pridgeon tries to encapsulate what made each person unique. Some paintings include images of their families and pets or show them enjoying their favorite hobbies. He spends over 14 hours a day sitting in front of a canvas, trying to make as perfect of a tribute as he can to each soldier.

When he finishes his piece, he hangs it on the wall of his gallery and presents a second copy of the painting to their family. Pridgeon has run out of space in the building and is searching for donations so he can relocate to a larger location.

This video from Texas Country Reporter has more about Pridgeon’s story.