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This Pallet Tree Swing is the Best Way to Beat the Texas Heat

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Has your trusty hammock finally given out? This DIY pallet tree swing project is the only one you’ll ever need again.

Posted on Imgur, user IAmGregAnderson decided that he needed a new way to enjoy the scenic lake view from his front yard. He had an old pallet lying around, and to work he went.

First, he checked around noticed that people were selling these swings for around $500 a piece, but he knew he could make his own for much less.


Three standard pallets turn into something utterly incredible with selective removal skills.

Next, the boards are reapplied in the correct position for maximum comfort.

After the eye bolts are added, the primer and paint can go on!

Readying the tree was tricky and required the use of more than a few ladders and Boy Scout knots.

However, the end result was totally worth it. Check out that majestic view of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Now we only hope it can withstand that heavy New England snowfall. If you put a closed pallet on top of the swing instead of an open one, this would be perfect for lounging in the shade in the Texas summertime.