This ‘Stealth Camper’ Only Cost $150 to Build

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Paul Elkins takes the tiny house concept to a whole new level in this “stealth camper” concept that features a bicycle.

Elkins’ stealth camper is made up of a bicycle, pine boards from Home Depot, duct tape, screws, and zip ties, making it the most compact camper we’ve seen yet. The bicycle cost about $20 dollars, and from there, he crafted the camper.

While it does look like a doghouse from the outside, the camper itself on the inside leaves little to be desired with its stove, counter, shelves, bed, and skylight. While the idea of a home crafted from only six boards and zip ties is a little extreme, this place is actually insulated, too.

Because there’s no car necessary and it barely qualifies as a living space, there’s no car insurance or home insurance necessary for this traveling stealth camper. The entire setup weighs only 60 pounds, too, so it’s not very strenuous to pull on a bicycle.

Would you ever consider undertaking something like this? It could be a fun way to see the country, but the idea of using only a bicycle does seem a little intimidating. This also works wonders as an emergency home situation too, should a disaster ever strike.