This Sustainable Tiny House is Perfect for an Escape off the Grid

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This sustainable tiny house on wheels will mesmerize you with how it utilizes space and function so beautifully.

Situated in Flagstaff, Arizona, but capable of moving anywhere with the right machinery, this is a great tiny house option for those who are looking to escape the grid.

As the listing on Tiny House Listings states, “the house was built in 2015 from 60 percent reclaimed materials.” The tiny house includes four solar panels, storage for a battery, a well talk, and 250-gallon water tank.

The porch, though not transportable, is a beautiful addition and drives home the idea that tiny house residents spend more time outside than their residential counterparts.

The inside features a cozy couch and a desk area for working.

The kitchen nook is open and features a range/oven with a small refrigerator and deep freezer.

The 205-square-feet home has a loft that can support a full bed and also has awesome storage space.


Just look at how beautiful the outside of this sustainable tiny house is!

Would you ever consider making the move? It’s a trend that gaining momentum across all age groups, as everyone from college students to empty-nesters are looking to trim the excess from their lives.