This Texas Cop Does His Best ‘Nae Nae’ With The Kids

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Some time ago, the internet latched on to “Watch Me Whip” (Nae Nae), the strange song by an artist who calls himself Silentó. But, we’ve uncovered one of the better dance routines popularized by the rapper, this time from a Texas cop who actually proves to be an awesome dancer.

Back in October, footage surfaced of Officer Eddings doing the popular routine when a woman named Shanitra posted it to Facebook, proclaiming “I guess all EPD ain’t bad, look at officer Eddings out with the kids doing the Nae Nae.”


The officer’s routine with the children quickly went viral, being such a joy to watch as Eddings swings his arms back and forth alongside the kids. Even their caretaker seems to want to jump in on the action, which, I don’t know about you but we kind of want to, too.

Watch below as Officer Eddings does the “Nae Nae”… it’ll make anyone’s day: