You’ll Never Guess How Many People This Tiny Cabin Fits

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Have you ever heard of the Rustic River Park Home? If not, that’s normal because it’s not really a buzzword in home design. However, you won’t forget it once you see the features of this tiny cabin.

While you can customize your own model through Rustic River Park Home, today we’re talking about the Chattahoochee. No, not Alan Jackson’s timeless summer anthem, but this tiny cabin that actually fits six people. Six adult-sized human beings! That’s right.

The cabin is about 11 feet wide and 43 feet long, making it a suitable option for a small family. The kitchen is actually a tiny cabin dream, with stainless steel appliances and beautiful granite countertops. The simple design of the inside also maximizes space, leaving more room for fun than stuff.

The bedrooms are where the real magic of space comes into play as those bunk beds really let you maximize your space wisely to accompany your family or guests. The master bedroom is even separately housed in the loft space for maximum privacy.

Do you have the perfect lake, river, or hill in mind where you could park this incredible tiny cabin? If so, let us know!