This Tiny House is Made Using Only Wood Pallets

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Nowadays, people are recycling wood pallets into amazing things, but this tiny house made solely of wood pallets, nails, and zip ties is unbelievable.

Architects Azin Valy and Suzan Wines set out to create a living structure that was cheap and easy to set up, no matter the building expertise of those trying to put it together. What followed from that genius idea is this tiny house, made entirely of pallets, that comes with a set of assembly instructions that resemble IKEA’s model.

To deal with the refugee housing crisis in Kosovo, these two architects were searching for a sustainable way to erect homes as quickly as possible. The inspiration for these wood pallets came when Wines literally tripped over a shipping pallet on her way home from work. She soon realized how often wood pallets tend to go to waste.

The skis, as the architects call the pallets, create a tiny home design that is quaint and sustainable. Per the instructions, all you need to build the structure is a set of common hand tools like a hammer, nails, and a crowbar. Zip ties can also be used in place to secure the big pallets to each other.