Teen’s Lonely Birthday Saved By Worldwide Outpouring of Love

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Rebecca Lyn was saddened and disappointed when no one showed up to her cousin Hallee’s 18th birthday party. To make sure Hallee’s 19th birthday would be one to remember fondly, Rebecca posted a call to action on her Facebook page, asking readers to send Hallee a card for her July 2nd birthday.

Rebecca wrote a long note about her cousin in which she says: “Hallee is funny, sweet, caring, smart, an athlete, a jigsaw puzzle champion, a wonderful student, and a best friend to all. Hallee is an amazing person-a person I am proud to be related to. She is also a person who just happens to have Autism. She has never let that small detail define who she is as a person-which is why I refuse to use it as something to describe her.”

Little did Rebecca know, this post would be shared over 230,000 times! Once the wish for birthday cards went viral, people from all over the world began to send colorful cards and words of encouragement.


A new Facebook page was made to chronicle all of the lovely letters. Posted photos show over 10,000 cards being delivered to Hallee’s house including ones from major sports teams, police departments and even a note from Jon Bon Jovi.

Seeing the cards from thousands of strangers who were touched by Hallee’s story can make one feel more than misty-eyed. It’s wonderful to see tears of loneliness turned to tears of happiness a year later!