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Three Cans of Beans: A Texas Tale of the Giving Spirit

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“Well, you take the cans of beans and give them to your home-room teacher after class, then.”

“I sure will,” he smiled. “They are good beans, we got them at Minyard’s.”

It is easy for me to sometimes forget the blessings I have, and not recognize the plight of others. I can never understand the strength of the human spirit and expansiveness of the human heart until I experience an occurrence such as this.

This young man lived in a small, four-room house with his mother and brother and sister. His mom is disabled and can not work. They have few relatives or friends to assist them in any way. Like many in my school, he received a free meal twice a day. Sometimes I wonder what they have to eat for supper.

Three Cans of Beans: A Texas Tale of the Giving Spirit

Let me encourage those of you who possibly can to help those who are less fortunate this holiday season. Fill a sack or several sacks of groceries and take them to your church pantry, local food bank or neighborhood school. Give as you have been blessed. Better yet, give abundantly, even though you feel you have no blessing. There is nothing greater to give than food to a hungry child.

I went to bed last night
It was cold, rainy, and wet.
Sleep would not come my way
Because I hadn’t eaten yet.
We had no food within our house
And likely none will come
But I prayed to God the Father
That His will would be done.

When I grow up I want to remember
All the needy children in the land
And know that I too was once alone and hungry
But a stranger came my way and gave me bread
And lent a helping hand.

(Written by a once hungry poet)

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