3 Texas Summertime Hikes When Living is Easier Said Than Done

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Okay, so things are not always as extreme in Texas as they appear to be for the guy in this cover photo. But, keeping up your passion for hiking through the summer months can be difficult. Often times, although you relish the thought, the concept of sweltering in the hot summer sun negates any prospects. If planned and prepared for properly, hiking is still doable in the Lone Star State during the months of July and August. Safety, first and foremost, is the word of the day. Rather than worrying about the latest, greatest gadget or hiking tool, sock, or technologically advanced shoe, water and shade need to be your priorities on a summer hike in Texas. That being said, here are three great Texas hikes to take in the summertime when the living is easier said than done!

Hill Country State Natural Area

Three Texas Hikes to take in Summertime When the Living is Easier Said Than Done

Photo: Facebook/Hill Country State Natural Area – Texas Parks and Wildlife

This 5,369-acre plot of land located just outside of Bandera in the Texas Hill Country presents classic hikes throughout 40 miles of trails which can be multi-use. The Hill Country State Natural Area has some stretches which are considered “back country” and therefore offer no water options along their routes. If you plan accordingly, however, these trails that meander through some fairly unblemished hillside terrain can also offer shaded passage, groves of oaks, and moments of clarity where you can’t believe the vistas. Bring lots of water, pack appropriate food, and wear light clothing as appropriate for the weather forecast. Use a hat, scarf, or towel to keep the sun off your head, neck, and back and plan to hike in morning or evening hours depending on access and length of time spent on the trail. Bring everything you’ll need, and pack it out when you leave. Remember, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

Good Water Trailhead, Lake Georgetown

Three Texas Hikes to take in Summertime When the Living is Easier Said Than Done

Photo: Facebook/Carolyn Mowdy

Although this hiking trail circumnavigates a scenic lake, it’s also a rugged 23.8-mile trek and can still be uniquely hot or humid on a summer day. Traversing the hardwood bottomlands and finding shade under limestone cliffs can counteract the passage through the wide open prairie grasslands. You’ll even find lush areas, including a waterfall. A number of trailheads and various campgrounds make it easy for first-timers or even many-timers to choose their distance for the day. Armadillos, deer, and various local wildlife can be found in the area, and generally, it’s a peaceful day out in the Texas countryside provided you pack appropriately. Bring water, ensure proper sun protection, and look for trails where full on sun at midday isn’t the plan.

Inks Lake State Park

Three Texas Hikes to take in Summertime When the Living is Easier Said Than Done

Photo: Facebook/Inks Lake State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife

A quiet corner of this park features a series of trails on which a hiker can spend time on a summer Texas trip. Inks Lake State Park features paths of varying levels, as well as wheelchair accessible trails. Not only that, but there’s an astounding variety of scenery. The park’s color-coded trail map (found at the entrance) can guide you accordingly, and on one path a fork pleasantly leads you through pecan and cedar canopies. The park features streambeds, rocky lakeshores, stands of tall trees, and thick, lush grasses. Enjoy!