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Timelapse Video of McLean Texas Tornado Formation is Intense

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When a group of severe storms hit the midwest on Tuesday, May 16, an outbreak of tornadoes caused two deaths and injured dozens, flattening a Wisconsin mobile home park, an Oklahoma subdivision, and hitting near McLean in the Panhandle region of Texas.

A time-lapse video showing the formation of the funnel in McLean, Texas, was recently posted on MSN by Francis Lavigne-Theriault (via Storyful), over which the funnel dips and shrinks and eventually touches down. The same string of storms that triggered this tornado brought a number of reports of large hail and high winds, and spawned funnels that caused the death of one person in Wisconsin as well as the search for several others.

Over two dozen reported tornado sightings were recorded by the National Weather Service on Tuesday night, spanning Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. The second fatality resulting from the storms was reported in Elk City, Oklahoma, where 40 homes were destroyed and at least 75 more were severely damaged. Residents have been advised to wait for assistance, being coordinated through local emergency personnel, and possibly prepare for pending storms across Texas towards the end of the week due to strong winds and a storm front moving in.