New Tiny Home Can Be Easily Rebuilt Whenever You Want to Move

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A new contemporary design for a tiny home from an Estonia-based company, Kodasema, lets the homeowner move their 269-square-foot unit wherever they see fit. Incredibly, it only takes around seven hours to build the home and four to disassemble it.

On the Kodasema website, the company states that mobility and being able to seek out an area that suits one’s lifestyle is vital to healthy living. They note that their tiny homes can even be turned around to face a new direction to bring about a small change.

Business Insider writes, “The furnished house will come in three different models: ‘Koda for Living,’ ‘Koda for Studying,’ and ‘Koda for Working.’ They will function as homes, classrooms, and offices respectively.”


One wall is completely made of glass to add the illusion of space and visually soak in the outdoors. Luckily, the four-layered-glass is enough to keep out unwanted cold, warmth and noise, and a floor-to-ceiling curtain provides privacy.

Kodasema will roll out 150 of these homes by the end of 2017, and they’ll be for sale for around $132,500. Unfortunately, Americans will have to wait a while to get their own Koda as the tiny homes will only be available in Estonia for the time being.

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