$500 Tiny Home is a Log Cabin Lover’s Dream

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Tony Maples Photography


The tiny house phenomenon isn’t new, but increasingly, new ideas are making their way online for us to daydream about, plan for, and maybe finally build. One man did just that with the construction of his tiny cabin in the woods for a total of five hundred dollars.

This cute and cozy cottage was constructed in Canada on private property. No permit was required because the cabin was so small. Recruiting fellow churchgoers together with friends, construction took a total of eight months. The homeowner has posted a description of the video on his YouTube account in which he states that the majority of expense was in lumber for the roof, there were no costs for labor, and no machinery was used to raise the logs due to his rural location. Watch here for further details:

As you can see, this tiny “villa” in the rural north of Canada was built using salvaged and repurposed materials. His video caption explains, “I worked alone most of the time, often in temperatures of -30, with only a chainsaw, an axe, and my arms.” It just goes to show you, no matter the challenge, if you put your mind to it, you too can have a tiny dream home you can be happy in! You just need the drive and some motivation to turn someone’s old materials into a heavenly home.