This Amazing Tiny Home is Made With Recycled Plastics [WATCH]

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When the Plastics Make It Possible campaign and Zack Giffin (co-host of FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”) joined forces, they developed an innovative and attractive tiny home made with plastics.

This environmentally friendly house was built in Colorado and has already been displayed in California, and now in Pittsburg.

Some visitors traveled to check out the little red building for themselves. The Arnold family drove from Ohio to take a tour. Their 8-year-old seemed particularly interested in the abode. She told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “I loved it… I would live in there just me. Mommy and Daddy can live in the (family) house.”


The 170-square-foot home does resemble a little girl’s dream playhouse, but it’s much more sophisticated than a child’s toy! Since the home was sponsored by companies like Covestro, Lanxess and Nova Chemicals, there’s a significant emphasis on using plastics for sustainable building.

The Tribune-Review quoted Nova Chemical’s sales leader Bob Stoffa as saying, “Tiny houses are able to show that plastics can make everyday life easier, healthier and safer. They put it out there in a nice, neat package for people to see.”

Check out the video below to hear how much of this home was constructed from plastics!

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