This Tiny Home Only Takes 3 Hours to Construct

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Joshua Woodsman of Pin-Up Houses recently wrote an encouraging book called “How to Build a Tiny House,” but for those who haven’t developed a vision for their tiny home yet, he released a video of his experimental design called “France.”

In the video, Woodsman explains that the house is made up of only 21 panels that are threaded together so they can be taken apart and reassembled wherever the owner desires. Yanko Design says that it should only 3 hours to assemble the parts and $1200 to purchase this project.

The tiny home is called “France” due to its resemblance of the French flag. Woodsman designed it so the colors on the outside of the building coordinate with the use of the space inside. The “night zone” that contains the bed and storage is painted blue, the bright white “day zone” holds a seat and table, and the “red zone” has the stove and cooking materials. (It’s worth noting that there’s no bathroom.)

For people who need an extra creative push and to draw inspiration from successful tiny home plans, Woodsman’s designs are a great place to start. He also sells his own designs. And even though this model is called “France,” someone would just need to put a big star on it to call it their Texas tiny home!