Top Tips for Making Stellar Texas Hill Country Summertime Sangria

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Summertime is the best time to make a pitcher of cocktails at home, and one of the great hits for long weekends or simply a sipping evening at home is sangria! Whether you’re surrounded by friends and family, or it’s just you and your dog on the front porch, there’s an entire world of cocktails out there just waiting for you to get adventurous, and here are some tips on making a fantastic white sangria that won’t disappoint.

From the CultureMap YouTube Channel, a top Texas bartender shares her secrets on making this deliciously fruity beverage with a base of white wine, which results in a light and refreshing cocktail that can be customized to suit your tastes. The Texas Hill Country is ripe for the picking when it comes to choosing the type of wine you would like to start with. You may even want to sample a bottle or two before mixing the drinks (wink, wink). Since the temperatures can get hot in the Lone Star State, many of us tend to gravitate towards refreshing and fruity with our alcoholic beverages. Less expensive than a lot of other pitcher-type cocktails and yet still managing to leave a great impression on guests, sangria can be made in advance, allowing the fruits and beverages to blend nicely in this customizable cocktail.

In case you’re wondering about serving numbers, one bottle of wine will generally make enough sangria for approximately eight servings. It goes down easy, however, so if you feel you’re going to need more than that, plan ahead for appropriate numbers. A safe standard is to assume that at each person will have four servings, and subsequently, you’ll want to purchase one bottle of wine for every two people you’ll be expecting. And here in the Texas Hill Country, wine is one thing that’s not hard to come by! Happy sangria-making, and cheers to summer in Texas!