Did You Know that Today is World Emoji Day?

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There’s a special day set aside to celebrate those tiny, expressive images we send through text, tweets, and posts. The unofficial holiday called World Emoji Day falls on July 17th because of the emoji calendar on Apple iOS located in the lightbulb icon section of the list that looks like a tiny daily calendar and reads “JUL 17.”

According to ABC 13, “The day was first celebrated in 2014 as the type-set became near universal among smartphone devices.” Emojis themselves have been around since 1999 when developer Shigetaka Kurita strove to make an additional form of language that could help clarify the briefness of text messages.

How can you celebrate emojis? Other than sending your friends a string of funny faces, random vegetables, or a plethora of flags, you can share some fun facts about the images. writes that the “Face With Tears of Joy” is the most used emoji on Facebook and Twitter for the third year in a row. It’s even featured as “the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2015.”

Though there were only 722 in 2015, there are now 2,666 official emojis thanks to new offerings and the expansion of skin tones. Of course, there are still many requests for additional emojis brewing. Emojipedia says that within the top 40 requests of the year are a flamingo, heart-shaped hand gesture, a cupcake, and the Texas flag.