Tomato Sandwiches are the Quintessential Meal that Beats the Heat

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Tomato sandwiches have got to be one of the easiest spring and summer snacks or suppers that you can put together. And you can be sure that the crowd will never let out a collective disappointed sigh with this dish. No one wants to spend their warm evenings sweltering over the stove to make a meal, but they generally do it out of love for those they’re preparing it for. This meal can be made with just as much love, is equally satisfying, and will have your family’s appetite settled down for a night of TV-watching in the air conditioning or relaxing by the pool until the temperature drops to a livable degree!

Here in Texas, many of us search for the kind of meal that beds large appetites but also keeps the house cool. It’s a fine line we walk, but we do it quite well. Paired with some potato salad, perhaps a cup of sweet tea, and maybe some peach cobbler for dessert, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a delicious springtime meal. This classic recipe is taken from the files of Southern Living, which makes use of it in an afternoon tea setting. However, the addition of their Summer Sauce recipe puts the prep-time in a little higher bracket (not by much), but with a flavor quotient that’s out-of-bounds! Whether you were working hard outside all day, or slaving away at a computer in an air-conditioned office, tomato sandwiches are the key to a meal with crunch, freshness, and taste that can satisfy. Those who can’t have a meal without meat could even consider adding some bacon or fried bologna to the mix… but that’s a whole other sandwich we’re talking about. This one is simple, requires only the heat of a toaster, and if you’re feeding a crowd, can be done in under a half-hour.


Tomato Sandwiches are the Quintessential Meal that Beats the Heat

Key ingredients include:


Cream cheese


Red Onion

Southern Living shares their full ingredient list and directions of these delicious tomato sandwiches at the link available here, together with their Summer Sauce recipe. The Summer Sauce can be omitted, if you so choose, and other slight variations could include the use of mayonnaise or butter/margarine. If you’re entertaining guests, and if presentation is something you’re going for, the crusts of your sandwiches could be removed. However, it’s not a requirement and doesn’t detract from the taste. And the better the bread, the better the sandwich, although some would argue that the fresher the tomato is, the more this springtime meal is sure to please. But whether you’re serving the church group for brunch or serving some hungry mouths for supper in the sweltering Texas heat, tomato sandwiches are a quintessential meal that beats the heat.