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30 Tons of Hill Country Fare Ground Beef Recalled

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When you think about preparing a meal for dinner, you don’t consider that the ground beef you bought might have something less than savory hiding inside. Unfortunately, if you’ve purchased any Hill Country Fare ground beef from H-E-B recently, it may have metal foreign objects in it.

Patch.com reports that a beef processor in Corpus Christi recalled over 30 tons (or 60,350 pounds) of meat from H-E-B stores “after one consumer reported the presence of metal fragments in purchased beef.”

No one has been injured or ill from the beef, but the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service urges anyone who purchased Hill Country Fare beef to either discard of it or return it to the store instead of taking the risk of consuming some metal.

Sam Kane Beef Processors LLC of Corpus Christi sent out their meat products on July 26th to several H-E-B distribution centers, but the list of stores that actually had these products on their shelves has not been released. Consumers are asked to take appropriate action if they wish to be better safe than sorry.

There is no official report detailing how the mystery metal made it into the Hill Country Fare beef products or how many are thought to actually have the metal fragments.