Top 10 Lone Star State Redneck Towns Summarized in Humorous Video

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Over time however, the term expanded in its definition, picking up derogatory notes and sounding pejorative. It encompassed synonyms such as “cracker,” “white trash,” and “hillbilly,” and by the 1970s, had come to mean something offensive and backwards. However, into the late 1980s and early 1990s, “redneck” began to again become something of a banner of pride, under which the “common man” or woman were exalted for their hard work, lifestyles, and sometimes poor choices (i.e. Jeff Foxworthy: #ymbr). Ultimately, is it really a bad thing to be called a redneck? Based on this history, the deck appears to be stacked against that. And we all know it’s definitely not a bad thing to be called Texan! So, put the two together, and you’ve practically got a double-compliment!




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