‘Top 10 Mexican Foods’ Video: Comprehensive? You Be the Judge

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Counting down the top authentic Mexican dishes according to personal taste, covers this delicious cuisine we’ve come to know and love (not to mention make like pros) here in Texas. Omitting dips, sauces, and drinks, they cover only the most authentic cuisine – in the tastiest way possible… practically smell-o-vision!

Their video, found on the YouTube channel, is based on voting suggestions which were submitted by channel viewers. Although we’re sure it’s not the most comprehensive, the fact that they cover some of our favorite dishes doesn’t hurt whatsoever! Unfortunately, what’s known as Tex-Mex is completely overlooked in this clip. However, beginning with dessert (one of our favorite meal courses ever) they cover what they see as 10 tremendous Mexican foods that are certainly worth the time to learn how to make, or to simply go out and get you some!

Highlighting some scenes from traditional Mexican food preparation videos, also covers integral components of the authentic cuisine, components with which you might not be familiar if you didn’t grow up learning the basics. A number of viewers were skeptical of the countdown, including dishes they feel were wrongfully prepared or were generally left out completely. Considering it’s a viewer-suggested compilation, the makers can only cover those that were submitted and subsequently voted on. If you view the video, you too can be the judge… and then grab the opportunity to sample some authentic Mexican food at a restaurant near you!