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Top 10 Things To Do on a Hill Country Spring Night

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Spring in the Texas Hill Country is quite possibly the most gorgeous time of the year. From the abundant wildflowers to the cool evenings and the supreme sunsets, it is genuinely spectacular. Evenings in the Hill Country are particularly great. As the heat of the day fades and the sky turns to dusk, the Hill Country comes alive. Here are the top ten things to do on a Hill Country Spring night.

1. Stargazing

stargazing on a Texas Hill Country Spring Night

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The Hill Country has no end of spectacular views and vistas.  Take advantage of the vast expanse and get out of the city for some stargazing. Grab some blankets and make it a family event or a perfect date for two. For tips, updates and even more stargazing ideas visit the Parks and Wildlife Department’s website.

2. Discover Back Country Roads

hill country back roads on a Hill Country Spring night


What better way to spend a Hill Country Spring night than discovering some of the multitudes of back roads.  Make a playlist meant for wandering, hit the road, and discover uncharted adventure. For the planner type visit the Back Roads Texas website.

3. Ice Cream

ice cream on a Hill Country Spring night


Indulge your sweet tooth and cap off a perfect Hill Country day by getting some ice cream at one of the many local creameries like Amy’s or Creamistry. Whether you prefer a cone or a cup there is something for everyone.

4. Take In an Outdoor Concert

outdoor concert on a hill country spring night


With Spring comes warmer weather and with warmer weather comes fantastic concerts at some incredible outdoor venues. From new and indie artists to household names in country music the options are limitless. Check your local venue listings for events or check out

5. Barbecue

barbecue on a hill country spring night


A Texas tradition at it’s finest and the ultimate gathering tool. Get friends and family together around the grill to relish in a Hill Country Spring night. Check local farmer’s markets for fresh meat and veggies and support your local economy.

6. Explore a Cave

spelunking on a hill country spring night

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