Top 3 Classic Tractors Ever to Grace Texas Farmland

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Over the years, some might say the tractors of old have seen their… uh, “hay” day. Although the new models which companies are coming out with seem like the Cadillac of farming, there’s still a strong affinity for the workhorse of yesteryear. While many a Texas ranch and small family farm will have a classic working tractor on hand, there are three that stand out as the measuring stick by which all other makes are compared. Whether they’re still workhorses that could start up in a heartbeat, or they’re taking up space in your garage or barn as a future project, these beloved machines hold a place in many a farmer’s heart. Here are the top three classic tractors ever to grace Texas farmland of days gone by.

1. John Deere Model B

Top 3 Classic Tractors Ever to Grace Texas Farmland

Photo: Flickr/F.D. Richards

John Deere green is deeply ingrained in American agriculture. The Model B is no exception, with its striking workhorse design, 4-speed transmission, and strong following. A U.S. corporation that has produced more popular tractors over its lifetime has yet to be seen, and this model is a shining example of that. Their dealers still support the parts for original models and, likewise, the company strongly supports the industry throughout Texas and beyond.

2. Ford Model 8N

Top 3 Classic Tractors Ever to Grace Texas Farmland

Photo: Flickr/Don O’Brien

Ford Motor Company has long been known for its foothold in the automobile industry, but it also had a firm standing in the manufacturing of tractors. The styling mimicked that of the Ford trucks and cars of the day, and the utility of their tractors to agriculture was equal to that of their popular autos to travel. The 8N was a revision to the Ford 9N and was recognized as powerful for its size, in addition to having a multi-point hitch with handy implements. The hitch was designed by Henry “Harry” Ferguson. When the famed handshake agreement between him and Henry Ford soured, his name lived on in the Massey Ferguson line.

3. FARMALL Model H

Top 3 Classic Tractors Ever to Grace Texas Farmland

Photo: Pixabay

Manufactured from 1939-1953, International Harvester made 391,227 of the FARMALL Model H tractors. Their company has since left the agricultural industry and gone on to become a big name in diesel engines and trucks. From its outset, a farmer could purchase the Model H for just over $900. By 1953, this tractor came with a price tag of $2K. Together with its counterpart, the Model M, this model was one of the larger of the letter series. It was a five-speed with a 24-hp overhead valve engine, and had two-plow capacity. It also came equipped with a comfortable operator’s seat, a spacious platform, and rubber tires, a standard feature which became restricted when World War II began.