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Top 5 Beaches in South Texas

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Terrified by the thought of jellyfish and seaweed grazing your body is not exactly the mindset that makes you an avid South Texas beach-goer, but if your speed consists of sand dunes that are litter-free, swims in refreshing clear water, and schools of fellow swimmers that aren’t just there to party likes it’s 1999, feast your eyes on this compendium of the Top 5 Beaches in South Texas to get more than just your tan-on. Come on in, the water’s fine!

Port Aransas

Cinnamon Shore, Mustang Island, TX



Port Aransas has a uniquely laid-back appeal. The soft sand and warm Gulf of Mexico waters combined with the recreational atmosphere and all the creature comforts that normally speak to you allows for a true day at the beach. The area isn’t known for getting swarmed with tankini-wearing tanners and has more of a family-fun type atmosphere.

Well-maintained by the city, with parking available for a reasonable rate or free parking within walking distance (PS: golf carts are also available for rent both on and off the beach, and don’t forget to bring a comfortable beach chair—you can check reviews on republic lab), here you won’t have to worry about towel space as the day goes on.

Although this beach is prime for kicking back and enjoying the sun, there are so many activities available for summer enthusiasts including surfing, kayaking, fishing, and the free U of T Marine Science Institute Aquarium, you’ll never have to worry about getting sand kicked in your face by a gaggle of beach-goers.

If you’re looking to spend the night, the town hosts a variety of affordable homes for rent (check them out online) and there are numerous melt-in-your mouth summer meal deals to be had at grill houses, seafood shacks and pier restaurants. With live music happening on the water from Thursday to Saturday nights, it’s a beach town that knows how to keep it mellow while turning up the temperature!

South Padre Island

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