The Top 5 Deadliest Highways in Texas

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Everything is bigger in Texas, unfortunately, so are the deadliest highways. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Texas ranks high among some of the most dangerous stretches of highways.

According to the Ross Law Group, “Through our analysis, we found that from 2013-2015, nearly 12 percent of all traffic fatalities in Texas occurred on 78 sections of highway totaling 464 miles – just over half of one percent (0.58 percent!) of Texas highways. You can view an interactive version of the map by clicking here.”

Below are the top five highways, ranked accordingly, that are stated to be some of the most dangerous highways found in Texas.


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The study by the Ross Law Group focused on 78 of the most dangerous stretches of highways in Texas within a three year period. Here are the top five around our great state to take note of.

1. SH-288 in Houston

Located in Houston, TX, this stretch of highway has seen 28 crashes with 32 fatalities. That’s 5.9 fatalities per mile, states the study.

2. I-35 in San Antonio

Located in San Antonio, TX, this stretch of the highway has seen nine crashes with 13 fatalities. That would be 5.9 deaths per mile according to the study.

3. I-20 in Penwell

Located in Penwell, TX has seen seven crashes and 18 fatalities along its stretch of the highway. That is about six fatalities per mile according to the study.

4. I-30 in Fort Worth

Located in Fort Worth, TX, I-30 has had eight crashes, 14 fatalities. This would bring the number of fatalities to about seven per mile according to the study.

5. I-69C in Edinburg

The number one deadliest stretch of highway is found in Edinburg, TX with seven crashes and 12 fatalities. Bringing the death toll to about eight fatalities per mile according to the study.

For more on this study of deadliest highways visit www.rosslawgroup.com.