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5 Exotic Places to Stay Overnight in the Hill Country

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The Nest at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Have you ever wanted to get away on an overnight adventure in the Texas Hill Country? Stay away from those boring hotel rooms, and book your stay in one of these exotic, different escapes! There are plenty of interesting and beautiful places to stay in the Texas Hill Country, but these are top five places you can get out and feel like you’re in another world!

1. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

5/23/13  -  Emily Elizabeth Smith, 5th grade teacher at Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Texas May 23, 2013. Photo by Erich Schlegel


Zip line into your Treehouse Bungalow for the night at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas. This lovely retreat is located only minutes outside of Austin. If you want an adventure and a place to camp out in the trees, then this is the place for you! Spend the day zip lining and the night in one of the treehouses. The Cypress trees are enchanting and give off a mystical feel to your stay. One of the treehouses, called “The Nest”, has a Cypress growing right up the middle of this extreme treehouse! You will be able to listen to the creek and waterfall outside this beauty.

2. Reservation on the Guadalupe



Live like an Indian for a night in these creative teepee style condos right next to the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. There are eight teepees on sigh, and each one can hold up to six people. Right next to the Guadalupe River, relax, swim, fish, and enjoy a modern version teepee. The camp has many accommodations, including a game room that is set in a treehouse!

3. Sinya on Lone Man Creek



Yes, this place is romantic, serene, and peaceful. A place that is a hidden gem in the stunning Wimberley on Lone Man Creek. This place is perfect for a weekend get away with your honey. It has a very wide open feel with an outdoor shower and vintage style hot tub. Just looking at the pictures will put you in a relaxing, daydreaming mood. Great views, beautiful sunsets, and away from everything and everybody.

4. Log Country Cove

Lake LBJ is the perfect place to getaway for a fun weekend! Stay Lakeside in these cozy log cabins! Log Country Cove has much to offer. Most of their log cabins are pet friendly and have options for water front or cabins with pools that can be heated! Enjoy kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, or just hanging out! So if you’re ready for some fun in the sun on the beautiful Lake LBJ, check in to the Log Country Cove for your next stay!

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