Top 5 Reasons Texans Love Texas

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Top 5 Reasons Texans Love Texas

By Erin Baxter

There’s Texas… and everything else just ain’t Texas. As in, the rest of the country. So, what’s so great about Texas anyway? And why are all Texans so dad-gum proud of their state? Why do Texans talk as if the state is America’s gift from God?

Maybe you’re from the north and feel as though Texans having so much pride for their state comes from some sort of delusional thinking. Or, perhaps you think that Texans are ignorant because Texas just can’t be that awesome… right? Wrong! Texas is that awesome. And, here’s why.

1. Texas is the friendliest state.

Top 5 Reasons Texans Love Texas

Photo: Darrin Jones, Flickr

No doubt about it, the Lone Star State is a friendly place. Everyone who visits here knows that. But, sometimes even Texans forget just how friendly their state is. Just go for a stroll through a small Hill Country town, and you’ll quickly be reminded of why Texas is so friendly. Make sure to tip your hat.

2. We have wide open spaces and options.

Top 5 Reasons Texans Love Texas


Texas has it all – rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, hills, piney woods, beaches, big cities, small towns, farms, and deserts – you name it, we have it. The options are practically limitless in our huge state. You can drive from one end of the state to the next and experience an array of geography, climates, and all different kinds of folks – urban and suburban.

Top 5 Reasons Texans Love Texas
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