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Total Stranger Pays off Texas Man’s $2K Car Repair Bill

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Say what you will about people these days, but there are some kind ones out there still paying it forward.

That was the case for Keith Burkitt, of Houston, who says a complete stranger paid for his car to be repaired.

Burkitt, 31, is the manager of a local restaurant. He told ABC News that the random act of kindness came from a patron he spoke with during his shift.

“I was just chatting with this guy, and we got into a conversation about my car, which just had so many issues at the time,” Burkitt said. “I was just joking and explaining how I had to turn my wheel all the way to the right just to make the car go straight.”

After the conversation, the good samaritan directed Burkitt to take his car to a repair shop across the street. The man instructed him that he would take care of the repairs. Burkitt was hesitant at first, but the stranger insisted, requesting only that he pay it forward some day.

The following morning, Burkitt went to collect his car, and discovered the man had kept his word. The repair bill, which cost roughly $2,000, was paid in full.

“And it was for no reason other than just wanting to be a decent human being,” said Burkitt, of the mystery man. “It just restored my faith in humanity again.”

And it reinforced our faith that Texans are some of the kindest folks in the nation.