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Tour the Llano Red Top Jail for Tales of Hauntings and Hill Country History

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Its foreboding exterior holds a variety of paranormal stories behind its doors, which have been investigated over time. The Llano Historical Ghost Society reported a fairly uneventful first experience. However, their final evidence review revealed some unexplained phenomena which wasn’t seen by the naked eye. Their second investigation produced some mysterious digital audio recordings, including that of an ethereal female voice answering questions.

During the restoration process, the entire building has been revamped. However, in keeping with its eerie history, graffiti dating back to 1918, which was left behind by former prisoners, was purposely left untouched as a part of its past.

Tour the Llano Red Top Jail for Tales of Hauntings and Hill Country History

Photo: Facebook/Red Top Jail – Llano, Texas Via Robin Jones

Red Top Jail serves as not only a one-of-a-kind tour experience for those interested in the olden days of western outlaws and Lone Star lawmen, but it’s also fast becoming a popular paranormal tour hosted by ghost hunters. Donations are always greatly appreciated. However, if you see fit to attend the upcoming Llano Red Top Jail Annual Meeting, you could always become a constructive part of a project greater than yourself—the upkeep and further development of the jail as a historic venue. Although a regular tour schedule is currently on hold, a full schedule is anticipated to recommence upon completion of its restoration. To follow its progress, visit the link available here on the official Red Top Jail website for more information.

While progress is being made, The Friends of the Llano Red Top Jail would like to extend their appreciation to everyone for their patience while the project moves forward. Those who wish to participate in its progress can do so by donation or by becoming a member of The Friends of the Red Top Jail. A listing of membership fees is listed at the link provided here. To schedule a private, guided tour of the jail, contact Kim at the Llano Visitor Center at 325-247-5354.

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