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New Fort Worth Toy Store Specializes in Star Wars Memorabilia

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Holocron Toy Store in Fort Worth opened up their doors this month to fans of the “Star Wars” franchise. The Star-Telegram says this unique business has something to offer kids, kids at heart, and hardcore “Star Wars” collectors.

There’s a section of the store dedicated to fun children’s toys with “‘Star Wars’-themed Hot Wheels, Micro Machines, Legos and other items, including new, kid-friendly action figures that are clearly meant to be taken out of the package and played with.” The store’s owners wanted to make sure that children would be welcome since they fell in love with the film series when they were young, and they didn’t like how collectible shops in the DFW area weren’t so kid-friendly.

But for serious adults who wouldn’t dream of disrupting the integrity of a package to mar the value of a collectible item, there’s plenty to see and break out your pocketbooks for. There is mint condition merchandise from the 70s including action figures, plushes, trading cards, and posters that will set you back thousands of bucks to hang in your home.

Fort Worth Culture Map says Holocron is located at 3613 West Vickery Blvd in a 4,464-square-foot building that’s now full of recent “Star Wars” merch and items that will bring back fond memories. As general manager Rob Fisher said, “I can’t tell you how many people have come into the store and said, ‘Man, I had that as a kid, and I had that as a kid.’ They’re reliving that moment, that excitement that they felt at that time in their life.”