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Travis County Inmates with Good Behavior Will Gain Access to Computer Tablets

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Jail commander Maj. Wes Priddy explained to the American-Statesman, ““We believe there is a rehabilitation value. Not everybody likes following the rules, and sometimes you have to prod them in the right direction.”

The decision to make a deal with a technology company (Securus Technology Inc.) to bring in tablets for well-behaved inmates to use for reading, accessing games, and listening to music was made in December. Some officials are surprised to hear the news, and they have concerns about inmates using the devices for malice

Allowing inmates access to tablets isn’t a new concept, but it has had varying results. Some say that it’s given inmates an opportunity to educate themselves, keep their minds sharp and provide motivation, while another report says that the Napa County Department of Corrections in California had to pull tablet use from inmates because people were trying to access forbidden parts of the internet.

KVUE writes the tablets are free of charge due to the deal Travis County made with Securus, offering them the ability to provide telephone services. They’ll set up a Wi-Fi network soon that will give the inmates very limited access. The tablets will be distributed at a later, unknown date.