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Treasure Hunting in Fredericksburg: Main Street or Thrift Street?

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Deja Vu! Didn’t I just see that turquoise and silver platter and vase in a Main Street shop? But wait, aren’t I in a thrift shop? Yep, it’s the same one, and yes, I am in a Fredericksburg thrift shop. Bingo, I’ve hit another jackpot! Just this past year I came into this store and discovered a whole rack of brand new clothes with the exclusive Main Street store’s tags still on them. They were going for about 15% of their original price, and I snatched up quite a few. Finds like these are fairly common at my favorite thrift, The Hill Country S.P.C.A. Thrift store on Highway 16 just past the airport.

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Fredericksburg residents are very community minded and donate a lot to support their favorite charities and you can be the beneficiary of their largess.  It just takes a little looking and poking around our local neighborhood thrift stores.  ll three have everything from jewelry, clothes, knick-knacks, furniture, books, CD’s — you name it; all three have roomy dressing rooms with mirrors; and all three are chock full of serendipitous bargains. The Hill Country S.P.C.A. Thrift Store benefits the beautiful animal shelter that is right next door. Hey, you could also adopt a great pet to take home…at a bargain price!

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Over at the newly remodeled St. Vincent de Paul closer into town they have surprise “bag” sales — on those days fill a bag with clothes for only $4.  Can’t beat that!  I have a retired friend who supplements his income with finds primarily from this store.  He once bought a small German figurine for $6 and sold it on eBay for $120. A beat up antique sofa brought him a $300+ profit!  You just never know what you might find.  Monday mornings are a little hectic as people are ready to scoop up all the new items put out over the weekend.

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Housed in an old wooden store-front building that only needs a hitching post out front to put you in the old west spirit, The Hospice Thrift Store, has everything the other stores carry plus a good selection of art.  This is a great place to pick up a bargain frame!  Frames are consistently one of the best buys at any thrift store.  The Hospice Thrift Store surprisingly manages to acquire more German porcelain, china and collector plates than the other two.  Plus, they have a particularly helpful staff.

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For bargain hunters and collectors alike, few things are as thrilling as thrifting or vintage shopping. There’s a real rush that comes along with the hunt for unique items, a name-brand piece with a crazy affordable price tag, or a totally unexpected score that you happen upon while sifting through stacks of discarded treasures. It’s a victory-like feeling. And Fredericksburg is the place to experience it.