How Did A Truck End Up in A Ditch Like This?

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“When your GPS says turn right and you should’ve turned left,” Joe Naranjo wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday along with a baffling photo of a truck parked perfectly in a small ditch.

Since the car looks like it somehow magically parallel parked into the width of a long ditch, Naranjo was fascinated and confused by the spectacle. Why would a truck be stuck there? How did it get stuck there? As Facebook commenter, Cindy Pell-Naranjo points out, “I can’t figure out how the hell they did it! There’s not even a street there to drive it into a ditch.”

According to, the photo was snapped along Saratoga Drive, which is in the same area where another truck-related incident surprised onlookers this summer. In May, Serrah Hernandez and Roxanne Garza saw two men standing on the back of a trailer holding up mattresses so they didn’t fall onto the highway. Of course, they took a photo.

Neither of the San Antonio Facebook truck mysteries has been solved, but that’s probably part of the reason the photos spread so quickly online. People like to take peeks into the strange lives of others and draw their own conclusions as to how the situation developed.