Heard of the Turkey With a Bun in the Oven? [WATCH]

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What are the holidays without a few laughs? Answer: Easter and Christmas apparently because Thanksgiving was made for practical jokes. One mom did just that, partnering up with a “straight man” who was deadpan (insert rim shot here). Who was her partner in crime? Her Thanksgiving ‘pregnant turkey’.

YouTube user, Nerissa Hawkinson’s 2013 viral video provides the shocking truth about what can happen when a mom with a sense of humor pranks her naïve daughter who’s all about helping over the Thanksgiving holidays. Recorded for posterity, and of course a few laughs, mom eagerly watches while daughter unwittingly scoops out stuffing only to discover the turkey was ‘pregnant’.

With more than 12 million views, the “green” Thanksgiving kitchen assistant might have turned a few shades of red after learning her mom was an aspiring comedienne with the cojones to convince her child there was a fledgling turkey in the mix.

Never mind the fact that turkeys lay eggs, or that someone just happened to be recording her culinary prowess as she volunteered to assist, unwittingly becoming the target of the perfect prank. This crying Thanksgiving kitchen assistant proved that no good deed goes unpunished, and she did it so convincingly!